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Exchange 2003 POP3 connector increase frequency

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I was asked: is there any way to lower the pop3 connector schedule from the default 15 to say 5 minutes?

There is a way to do this, you have to add an accelerator dword to the

Add a ScheduleAccelerator (DWORD) entry to
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SmallBusine ssServer\Network\POP3 Connector"

To determine the actual polling interval: Divide the POP3 Scheduling interval (the value you have configured in the POP3-Connector GUI'sScheduling tab) by the value you set for the ScheduleAccelerator reg entry.

For example, if you specify a 15-minute interval in the POP3-Connector GUI, and you set the scheduleAccelerator value to 3, the POP3 Connector will poll every 5 minutes (15 divided by 3).
If you set it to 5, the POP3 Connector will poll every 3 minutes.

This is unsupported by Microsoft and it is said that it should only be used in a testing environment.

Some people say it caused numerous errors with exchange.
Some people use it and say it has worked for years with no problems.

See for yourself!


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